Samples of Handmade Paper

I think handmade papers are beautiful...and amazingly simple to make.
Although some of the papers in this galley were made by me, most of them were 'traded' to me in swaps of handmade paper. One of the conditions of the swaps was that the contents of the paper must be included.
You can see with just minor changes in contents, a wide variety of papers can be made.

My own papers are marked with a *

White paper, newspaper, dryer lint, rose petals, green thread

Used office paper, junk mail, cardstock scraps, paprika

Used office paper, cotton linter, dried floral material

Recycled yellow paper, newspaper

White cardstock, dry rose petals

White envelopes, junk mail

Scraps of cardstock, dried lavender flowers

Natural colored junk mail, dried lawn clippings

Recycled copy paper, newspaper, magazine pages, sesame seeds

Green cardstock, white copy paper

Yellow pages (Phone book), potato vine flowers

Recycled mail, tissue paper, cotton linter, ribbon

White cardstock, manila envelope, gold silver & copper dust

Paper linter, construction paper, tissue paper

Yellow pages of phone book

Cotton paper, metallic blending filaments, metalic acrylic paint

Pink bond paper with print, paper towels dyed with fabric dyes, bits of silk organza

White copy paper, cotton linter, chopped and simmered onion skins

*Mixed paper scraps, maple leaf mulch, embedded fern

Off-white envelope, maple tree seed pods

Paper linter, rose petals

White copy paper, cotton linter, dried chicory petals

White and yellow junk mail, yellow flowers

White card stock, cedar pencil shavings

Manila envelopes, white paper, cattail dust, fern leaves

*White copy paper, construction paper, glitter

Kraft paper, white copy paper, cotton linter, herb tea from used bags

Off-white paper, ferns, brown raffia

Cotton linter, rust cardstock, nutmeg

*Notebook paper, dryer lint, grass clippings, fern

*Brightly colored junk mail

White and cream envelopes, dill weed

*Used white paper, rose petals

Paper linter, red construction paper, red rose petals

Recycled white paper (25% cotton), yellow silk thread overdyed with indigo

White copy paper, pink tissue, green wool/cotton rag pulp, pressed carnation petals, fern, gold thread

*White copy paper, white tissue, mixed sewing thread scraps, chopped gold foil wrapping paper

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So, Now you have all this handmade paper! What are you going to do with it?
I collected some ideas from a discussion on a list and have posted them here.