How to Make a Miniature Book from a Sticky Note Pad

You will need the following supplies:
1 sticky-note pad measuring 1-1/2"x2" (pages)
2 pieces of light cardboard measuring 1-5/8"x2-1/4" (covers)
1 piece of light cardboard measuring 3/8"x2-1/4" (spine)
2 pieces of decorative paper measuring 2"x2-3/4" - wrapping paper, origami paper (cover)
1 piece of contrasting decorative paper measuring 3-3/4"x2-1/4" - gold foil, wrapping paper, marbled paper (end papers)
1 piece of colored paper or plastic tape measuring 1"x4" (spine and corners)
adhesive (rubber cement, dry-line, etc.)
These directions are keyed to the numbers in the graphic above:
  1. Lay out 2 pieces of decorative paper (right sides down) for covers. Apply adhesive on each piece of cover stock and glue to inside of peper with one long edge of cardboard and of paper aligned and other three sides centered.
  2. Apply adhesive to three edges of paper left exposed.
  3. Turn in corners at 45 degree angle. Turn in long side and then two short sides. Set aside covers.
  4. Cut four 1/4" pieces off end of tape strip and set them aside.
  5. Center spine cardboard on remaining spine tape.
  6. On either side of spine cardboard, lay down covers with unbound edges on tape. Leave gap of a little over 1/16" between pieces.
  7. Bring ends of tape over to inside. Use four pieces of tape that were set aside to bind corners. Place at 45% angle withoutside edge touching corner of cover. Bring ends to inside.
  8. Apply adhesive to endpaper and center on inside of cover. Carefully bend cover to crease each side of spine while using fingernail or a tool to gently press endpaper into the crease.

Apply adhesive or double-stick tape ot the back of the sticky-note pad. Place sticky-note pad into the cover with the bound edge to the spine. Close the book.
If you wish, add a "title" sticker to the front cover.